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Make your own custom stickers quickly and easily with the Cricut Joy Draw & Cut function. These little YUM heart stickers are great for marking your family’s favourite recipes to help with meal planning. Keep the sticker sheet with your recipe books to quickly mark any meals you want to make again.

Earlier in the year, Cintia introduced me to the Cricut range of cutting machines. She had me at “it cuts paper for you”.

I adore paper arts and know what it’s like to spend an entire day cutting fine detail, and winding up with aching hands. The very idea of there being a domestically available cutting robot that could take care of this end of the business and do it faster and more accurately, well yes, I just knew Cricut was perfect for my work.

Quite recently I became the proud owner of a Cricut Joy, another advanced cutting and drawing tool. The Cricut Joy is the smaller sibling of the Cricut Maker machine. The Cricut Joy cuts and draws, and is designed for people who want to make a few small things, now and then, perhaps making labels, and celebratory cards.

I’m so excited about my Cricut Joy. There are so many project ideas I want to create with this tool. But before flying to the moon I must learn how to fly, or in my case, walk.

So I’m starting out with a simple project with the Cricut Joy – making sticker labels.

I imagine my entire home will be thoroughly labelled before the year is out.

The other day my recipe book fell apart. After years of adding pages of recipes the assignment folder just couldn’t take it any longer.

The timing couldn’t be better because I really do need to reorganize the recipes. The recipes were added to the folder stacked on overtime with no consequence to meal types or even any labeling.

As a result, I spend a lot of time flipping backward and forwards through the folder when planning weekly dinner plans.

So my plan is this:

  1. Buy a new sturdy folder (done);
  2. Transfer the recipes into the new folder
  3. Separate the recipes into relatable categories
  4. Use the Cricut Joy to cut out foodie images to decorate the new recipe folder and create custom labels

Additionally, I am including special little Yum Love sticker labels to mark recipes that are family favorites to help with meal planning

Let me show you how to create a sticker sheet and then draw & cut the Yum Love sticker labels using the Cricut Joy.


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