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Decorate some plain cardboard gift boxes with hand-painted illustrations of adorable kitty cat faces! The Purr-fect gift for any cat lover!

If you’re a lover of cute cats (I mean who isn’t), this quick and easy gift box craft project is a must make .

Instead of wrapping your next gift in the paper that just gets thrown away, why not upgrade to one of these adorable cat gift boxes ? I can guarantee your giftee will enjoy the packaging just as much as the gift inside.

Make a whole set. They are so purr-ty and perfect for storing all sorts of bits and pieces in like hair clips, and jewelry.

I always have several of these round craft papier mache gift boxes on hand for storing small items, using to package fragile or special gifts, and because they are super fun to decorate.

I’ve hand drawn these cat face illustrations exclusively for this project. The inspiration came after scrolling through photo after photo of the cutest cats. Cat photos seem to be essential for getting though the days lately.

How to make your own Hand Painted Cat Gift Boxes

Make just one, or all three of these cute hand painted cat face gift boxes.

I’ve included a printable template with the 3 cat faces which you can trace and easily paint. No special craft supplies required.

Even if you don’t consider yourself much of an ‘artist’, these cat designs only require a few brushstrokes to achieve.

Don’t worry if you aren’t confident with a paintbrush, try using a paint marker pen for the black lines instead.

I’ve used red carbon tracing paper to transfer my designs, but any carbon paper or tracing technique will work just fine.


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