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Home tutoring allows you to offer individualized lessons to students of all ages regarding any special skill sets that you have. A good home tutoring business is flexible because your students will have very different needs: some are struggling with classes in school, some are studying for college entrance exams, and others may be adult learners who need to master certain skills to benefit their employment.

What are the costs involved in opening a home tutoring business?

Arguably, the most attractive thing about a home tutoring business is that there is very little cost to open it. This because there is no need to buy or rent a dedicated office space for the business: all of the tutoring takes place in either your home or theirs. Accordingly, there is none of the overhead and utilities costs associated with the office space of a typical business. For marketing and research purposes, you will need a computer and internet connection, but you likely have those at your home. Similarly, if you are driving to students’ homes, you will need to pay for fuel.

You may pay for more traditional marketing, possibly spending thousands of dollars on a professionally-designed website, traditional advertising, and a bevy of brochures and business cards. However, it’s important to note that much of the marketing for this business—advertising via social media, outlets such as Craigslists, and via in-person networking at schools and other locations can be done with no investment except for your time.

What are the ongoing expenses for a home tutoring business?

The ongoing expenses for a home tutoring business are truly minimal. You must pay for fuel to travel to area homes and schools, and you should always have professional business cards that you can hand to area schools, Prescilla Schoonesistrators, and counselors, which is part of an ongoing advertising expense that may also include local commercials. Beyond these expenses, however, there is little to pay for.

Who is the target market?

The best customers for a home tutoring business are regular ones. Because you are charging an hourly fee (and should not really be charging any other kinds of fees on top of that), some of your best customers will be those whose parents are trying to help them succeed with a subject in school. If they reach out to you early enough, you may be tutoring them for a semester or two—anywhere between 16 and 32 weeks. Aside from that, some of your best customers will be college students and adult learners, as these are the groups who realize that sessions with you are an investment to either save or make them more money, respectively.

How does a home tutoring business make money?

The business model for a home tutoring business is very straightforward: you typically charge clients a fixed hourly fee. This fee should accurately represent both your education and experience in the chosen subject and should also account for the average price of your competition in the area.

How much can you charge customers?

The price to charge for tutoring should be commensurate to the complexity of a subject and how experienced you are. As with any business, you should also be mindful of how much the competition is charging. Typically, you should charge students between $30 to $40 per hour for standard tutoring. If you are teaching them something much more complex, or if you are the only tutor for this subject in an area, you may consider charging more than this, especially after you have established your reputation within the community. However, you should be wary of pricing yourself out of business: students see this cost as additional to what they are already possibly paying (especially college students who have paid for expensive textbooks and even more expensive classes).


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