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History of Tiger Leaping Gorge

Over the past 150 years few Western and Chinese scholars have examined the nature of the environment in Hutiao xia (Tiger Leaping Gorge) and its various inhabitants. However, as a unique geographical and geological feature, one of Asia's deepest gorges, part of…

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Great Wall of China

The main reason I wanted to see Beijing was to climb the Great Wall of China. At a total length of 3000 to 5500 kilometers -depending on how you measure its parts- it definitely lives up to its name. Its huge size,…

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Lalibela, Ethiopa

Lalībela, historical name Roha, religious and pilgrimage centre, north-central Ethiopia. Roha, capital of the Zagwe dynasty for about 300 years, was renamed for its most distinguished monarch, Lalībela (late 12th–early 13th century), who, according to tradition, built the 11 monolithic churches for which the place is famous. The churches, designated…

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Victoria Falls

VICTORIA FALLS IS one the biggest and most awe-inspiring waterfalls on the planet. Spanning the width of the Zambezi River—more than a mile across—this legendary waterfall cascades over the lip of a large plateau of volcanic rock and plunges as much as 354…

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