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Tips On How To Take Great Holiday Photography.

Capture local elements

Most destinations around the world will have unique elements. Such as landmarks, unique vehicles, clothing, food, people, culture and other interesting features. To capture a really good holiday photograph then think about what makes your destination different, and then try and include that in your picture. This might include framing your scene so that it includes some of these elements. For example, in London you may want to include the Changing of the Guard, Black Cabs or Double Decker buses in the foreground of your pictures and then a landmark in the back.

Shoot in different light

Lighting can have a massive impact on how nice an image will be. Such as taking pictures around sunrise or sunset might result in a photograph with beautiful and colourful light. If you share your images on social media you may find pictures that have this kind of lighting tend to do really well.You could also shoot and capture silhouettes such as seen below. This is where the light parts of the image is exposed for whilst the darks are not.

Capture the main attractions

Everyone likes to take pictures of the main attractions when travelling, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Tower Bridge in London and the Colosseum in Rome. These are often the killer shots that will also make for great engagement on social media. To capture better images of these think about your composition, framing, and also consider taking pictures at night when the building may be lit.

Photograph the lesser known attractions

As well as the main attractions, try and capture some of the less obvious ones too. These may be smaller buildings, interesting bridges, markets, secret spots and other things.

As you explore you may find interesting things to shoot, or instead do your research in advance. Such as looking online at articles on what to see and do, asking your hotel and locals, or even friends and family who may have previously visited the destination. For popular places, you may find articles that tell you where all the best photography spots are or just search “best photography spots in [destination] on Google or another search engine.

Take pictures of details

Some destinations have incredible details that really help identify that destination or make it extra special. These may be things such as carvings, monuments, building facades or interesting shops. For example in some middle eastern countries they often have beautiful shops selling colourful lamps, rugs and other special items, whilst in Vienna you’ll find impressive statues and monuments.

Use reflections and puddles

Not many people want to travel and have a wet and rainy day, but actually you can get some of the coolest images during these types of conditions. Using puddles and reflections in your pictures can aid your composition and create a really interesting shot. You can also take pictures with colourful umbrellas which can make a cool image.

Take Pictures at night

When taking pictures at night, use a tripod and a low ISO setting (if possible). This will ensure your picture isn’t grainy and much higher quality. If you don’t really want to take tripod shots, then try investing in a camera that can capture good low light photographs, such as the Canon Power Shot G7 X Mark II. Some phones are also good at capturing low light photographs without the image quality being degraded too much. To try and avoid blur and handshake when not using a tripod then put your phone or camera on a hard surface. You’ll probably find the camera will need to take a slightly longer exposure in low light but that is expected.


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